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Do you have a cosmos-defining, sweeping dream for your brand? Make it so with Aaron Carter.

Aaron is a voiceover artist with a deeply meditative mind and an adventurous spirit. His supernova sound enchants the mind and tells a grand, metaphysical story that’s more than meets the eye (and the ear!) A lifelong lover of language and speech, Aaron weaves a world around him with the power of voice.

While frequently speaking, he is always listening. He has a sensitive, trained ear but is never persnickety, gracefully meeting feedback and using his natural curiosity to get to the heart of his clients’ visions with complete precision. “Easy to work with” and “incredibly efficient,” Aaron receives first-rate reviews from returning clients including Toyota, CDW, Apple and Lenovo products, Gordon Food Service and more.

Aaron is the ultimate collaborator. From his professional-grade home studio, Aaron delivers quick and quality turnarounds for your projects. Beyond voiceover, Aaron is also a teacher and a podcaster (check out We Talk About Dead People for a deep dive into history and narrative). The drive to find the core of the art of storytelling led him to earn his Master’s in Communications from Baylor University, and also to the VO profession.

Looking for the voice of an explorer, that sound that takes you on a journey of curious fun in the sonic expanse of life? Look no further than Aaron Carter, your VO Supernova.


We Talk About Dead People podcast with Aaron Carter

True stories from history as told by a hot pocket enthusiast and an amphetamine-fueled academic from the other side of the river.

You Don't Know podcast with Aaron Carter

Far-reaching and imaginative conversations for the wandering mind.



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